Tunde Asaju is an international journalist, blogger and Interactive Multimedia Developer based in Ottawa, Canada. He writes mainly on social issues, but also on politics and human relations. Asaju trained as a newspaper reporter and rose to become an Assistant Editor with Nigeria’s foremost news magazine, Newswatch. He has several years of experience as an editor, researcher and broadcaster with such news platforms as Radio France Internationale, BBC World Service for Africa, and Channel Africa in Johannesburg. Asaju won the Natali-Lorenzo prize for Human Rights and Development Reporting in West Africa, studied International Journalism on a British Council Chevening Scholarship at the famous City University in London and is an alumnus of the defunct Journalistes en Europe Programme, in France. He is well published and his views on government and governance in Africa are well respected. He has also done a bit of work as presenter of famous television programmes such as the Bureau of Public Procurement’s Public Procurement and You.

Now he is on the final lap of the prestigeous Algonquin College IMD programme in Ottawa. He writes a regular opinion in Daily Trust on Wednesdays and his Sunday humour – Wakaman (www.sundaytrust.com.ng) has a wide following.

Asaju loves writing, reading, public speaking and mentoring. He enjoys cycling and is a WWE fan.


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