Don’t Follow Fashion – Just Function

It was a church sermon, and the preacher – Bishop David Abioye blurted in righteous indignation, “I don’t dress for fashion, I dress to function”. I can’t remember the year this was, but it ministered so deep to me  I did not forget the quote. It keeps me on the straight and narrow each time I’ve been pressed to spend more than desired on a fashion accessory.

Miss Zambia 2010 courtesy

Pix: Miss Alice Musukwa, Miss Universe 2010 – courtesy The Telegraph, UK.

A dress is anything that covers your nakedness and makes you presentable. Its about whatever enhances your self-confidence first and appropriateness second. You don’t want to go for an interview in your nightgown, well, except you live in parts of the world where dresses are made to feel that way! But don’t do it to overkill. It gets to a level when you dressing becomes the centre of attention and your brain capacity is subsumed under it. Is that what you set out to do? If not, then cut it down.

Don’t go bankrupt just to impress people, be yourself. Buy because you need to, not because you want to make a fashion statement. Most people I know are cutely attired, but their dresses do not necessarily cost an arm and a leg. Your fashion icons are dressed that way because that is the way they roll. Lady Gaga can afford to wear those eye-popping or is it headline-catching dresses because she is Lady Gaga. The name is the brand. There can only be one Lady Gaga in the world of showbiz and every copycat is that – copycat!

If you’ve been around long enough, you will find out that fashion is not necessarily something new. It goes round and comes round. Yes, I know that designers are making dresses out of anything that catches their fancy, from gourds fashioned out as bras to paper dresses working to enter the Guinness Book of World Records. But if you keep your wardrobe for long enough (without hoarding of course) you will find out that fashion would come back to make it relevance.

It’s true that we address people the way they are dressed. Whether that is right or wrong is subjective. With time, people tend to judge people either by the content of their characters or the manifestation of their intellect. It’s so low to be lovingly attired but intellectually shallow. Your dress will never compensate for your intellect.

Cleanliness is the second attribute of a good dress sense. Make sure that what you have is clean and well-ironed if that is what it requires. Even at a job interview, people may have given you a minus for what you could afford, but if you have what it takes, they would soon forget your dress and covet your brain.

Bottomline – don’t dress only for fashion except you’re going for the Oscars, dress to function. And if you have too many, donate to charity. Remember one man’s rag is another man’s best.