When scientific truths meet urban myths

fruitsCould you remember when cigarette smoking was good for you? Yes, once upon a time there were those ads showing that the reason you haven’t made the transformation from hoi polloi to the upper class was the fag. Today, with all the video evidence from those who tried it and regret it, you wonder why the stick is not totally banned. http://www.cbsnews.com/media/former-smokers-speak-up-in-graphic-cdc-video-ads/2/

Adverts lie, and so do researchers. So, if I were you, I’d take everything I read about new scientific findings with a pinch of salt. It wasn’t long ago when I bought my first microwave oven. My wife and I work incredible jobs that barely gave room for regular meals or family time. We had our first fridge and it was quite sizeable, then we invested in a deep freezer.

Back home in Africa, getting regular electricity supply is a problem but heavy generating sets come to the rescue. My wife made it a duty to prepare at least a week’s worth of meals, frozen in the deep freezer. Whenever electricity permits and we were home, we would push a plate into the machine and with a whir the alarm tells when food was ready.

If I’d known that working microwaves were commonplace on Ottawa kerbs, I could’ve saved nearly $200 dollars. It would take time for me to know why glittering microwaves end up by the kerb even while it appears that the jury is out on the danger it allegedly poses to the user’s health. http://www.naturalnews.com/030651_microwave_cooking_cancer.html#

Have you heard the gist about onions? Don’t drop your shopping basket; onions are still good, containing allium and sulphur both good for blood circulation and excellent for the heart. Apparently, some people now swear by their mother’s apron that a half-used onion would absorb bacteria the way a magnet attracts nails. So much so, that Dr. Joe Schwarcz of MgGill University devoted time and space to inform us that this, indeed is an old wife’s tale – http://urbanlegends.about.com/gi/o.htm?zi=1/XJ&zTi=1&sdn=urbanlegends&cdn=newsissues&tm=9&f=00&su=p284.13.342.ip_&tt=65&bt=9&bts=9&zu=http%3A//blogs.mcgill.ca/oss/2012/12/29/is-it-true-that-onions-can-absorb-bacteria

Remember grandma saying an apple a day keeps the doctor at bay? Grandma was right because a diet without fruits would do awful damage to your bowels. Man shall not live by bread alone; in addition to the butter, add a bit of fruits and vegetables. But in a day and age where everyone is counting calories, who do you believe, the urban legend asking you to keep off bananas, carrots and almonds – when dieting. Apparently they’re not telling the whole truth. Those fruits pack a punch of vitamins and minerals that your body needs during the dieting procedure. Check this out http://www.fitday.com/fitness-articles/fitness/weight-loss/weight-loss-myth-bananas-carrots-and-almonds-are-good-if-you-are-trying-to-lose-weight.html#b.

So, before you trash your refrigerator or fruit basket, why not check a second, third or fourth opinion? It’s the information age, and everybody’s selling something.

America and Color Beyond the Donald Sterling Saga

Race is back on track, and its raging faster than the California brush fire. In America, race is explosive. It ought to be. Its meant to be and would remain so. So, first of all, let’s start this way. Image


Photo courtesy Google.

I love laws. Without them we all would be – outlaws. So laws are great.  Laws set a red line and dare anyone to cross it. The wise respect the red line, but the foolish and the high and mighty cross. The one does it because they are dumb, and the other because they can.

As good as laws are, they do not change who we truly are. Sometimes they force us to adapt, at other times, they persuade us to do so. They specify what may happen if we cross the line.

From the leaked tape through the CNN interview, Donald Sterling suspended owner of the Los Angeles Clippers has shown the world that it takes more than the law to reform a depraved mind. This is the reality of our existence today, from the demented actions of hate-drunk religious zealots to the overreactions of racial supremacists; it’s just the law that keeps our societies from falling apart.

It’s been a long journey from 400 years of slavery to the abolition; then another hundred years of racial segregation to legal or superficial acceptance. Things are not going to change overnight. Not even within the ambits of legality itself. Check the celebrated cases, from Rodney King through Trayvon Martin it’s a long way to the bottom of the rainbow.

The Luther dream is too is still an illusion to be pursued. It will take more than one Obama at the White House to erase the indelible ink of racial prejudice.

The Donald Sterling tapes and the racially charged coverage only exposes that racism is skin deep. The law is a suntan over a putrid chancre, what is needed is a surgical skin graft. People of colour have come a long way but they have a longer way to go. Acceptance is not a honorary degree, it must be earned and we are still in school. What more, we’re not doing well in the subjects.

Check the figures, why, in the words of Jesse Jackson have we not made a greater transformation than moving from picking cotton to picking balls? The answers are in the prisons, the number on the dole, the deadbeats, and the drug and gangland czars.

Have people of colour relaxed just because racial segregation is outlawed? Did they think that legislation could erase what’s written on the tablets of the mind? How can we remedy the situation? How can we make models of the children who have to tone up because they’re ashamed of what they represent? How can we upgrade the demographics? The Sterling attack is a wake up call. People of colour must learn to love themselves first and uplift their own humanity, before they can compel others to love them.

8 Solid Reasons Why Hillary Must Make the White House – II

5.   The fifth reason why Hilary deserves a shot at the White House is her experience. She was first lady for eight years, during which she worked with her husband to bring peace, harmony and expanded the spheres of global entente. When Obama won, Hilary came on board as Secretary of State and faithfully served her country doggedly from 2009 until 2013. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Hillary_Rodham_Clinton%27s_tenure_as_Secretary_of_State

6.   Hilary takes responsibility for her actions where others make excuses. During the 2012 attack on the US Consulate in Benghazi, some American embassy officials were attacked and killed. As Secretary of State, Hilary did not trade blames she took full responsibility. That is something rare in the buck-passing world of politics. It’s also a perfect example that people in power don’t always get it right, it is great to see politicians who believe so. http://www.cbsnews.com/news/hillary-clinton-on-benghazi-i-do-feel-responsible/

7.  Hilary deserves the slot because male politicians have an unenviable record of failure. Excuse me, did I just say that? Yes I just did. Women do it peaceably differently. From Indira Ghandi to Dilma Roussef, Geun-hye Park to Angela Merkel women’s style of leadership is remarkably different and also peaceful.

This is one basic fact that is not lost even on sit-tight rulers in Africa. Here, the inordinate ambitions of our men have plunged our countries into wars and our capacity for greed and inflatable ego has made transitions without rancour almost impossible. Whenever that happens, it is often the women that are called upon to come and clean it up. We have examples in Ellen Johnson-Sirleaf in Liberia, Joyce Banda in Malawi and lately Catherine Samba-Panza in the Central African Republic. http://www.biography.com/news/women-presidents-from-around-the-world-21145269#awesm=~oD1wLj9tjaexDp

8.   This century is the era of the girl child. America has always encouraged the girl child to embrace education, leadership and uniqueness in other lands. What better way to practice what you preach that supporting a woman of proven track record, substance and vision like Hilary. History is filled with nations destroyed by war because of men’s ego. The milk of human kindness flows from the breasts of noble women. That contrasts sharply with the legend of chauvinist warmongers who have ruined entire nations – check them out – Hitler through Mussolini, Fulgencio Batista, Pol Pot to Idi Amin and scores of others, including the likes of George W Bush and Tony Blair who plunged the world into insecurity with war based on sexed up dossiers. http://www.theguardian.com/uk/2010/jan/12/alastair-campbell-iraq-war-inquiry

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8 Solid Reasons Why Hillary Must Make the White House – I



Hilary Rodham-Clinton – Courtesy – Wikipedia (Google Images)

I am not American. So what? America never waits for anybody’s call before taking a decision on what’s good for business anywhere in the world. So I’m presuming that Hillary Rodham-Clinton would be candidate for 2016 presidential elections. Remember that whether we like it or not, who becomes America’s next president is too great a decision to be left for Americans alone. Barack Obama was a global candidate before he became America’s president. I recall the global audiences that welcomed him everywhere he went (especially in Germany pre-2008). I remember polls insinuating that Obama would have won the World Presidency if Ban Ki-Moon had declared one. http://www.gallup.com/poll/111253/world-citizens-prefer-obama-mccain-nearly-4to1.aspx

America prides itself as the land for all. Since America won its independence from the now not so Great Britain, it has theoretically opened its doors for all men and women dreamers to come in and actualize their dreams. This is why some Bible scholars feel that America might be the modern Noah’s ark in case something terrible happens to the present ‘sinful’ world. If your country, faith or clan is not represented in America, its time to send your seed there for pre-Armageddon preservation. http://www.4uth.gov.ua/usa/english/society/diverse/diversity.html

Forget about Obama’s current popularity in the polls, they are irrelevant, and of no effect whatsoever. So why should Hilary make the White House?

  1. Because in making Obama, America walked the long talk that colour proof that inadequacy or too much of melanin in no way reflects what’s within. Obama was, again according to scholars, the actualisation of Martin Luther King’s famous dream which was a doubtful black nightmare for 40 solid years. Unlike Bill Cosby who sees no link with motherland Africa, Obama is the quintessential African-American. http://www.nbcnews.com/id/5345290/ns/us_news-life/t/cosby-berates-blacks-abuse-failure-parents/#.U2Je1vldWao
  2. If America can make the dream of an African-American president come true, then it should go a mile farther in making history – be the first modern state to vote in a woman as ‘President’. What more, Hilary qualifies in more ways than one. It was the wife of America’s 32nd president, Eleanor Roosevelt who said that “a woman is like a tea bag; you never know how strong it is until it’s in hot water.”
  3. Hilary proved that her loyalty is not swayed by circumstances, if she believes in someone or is convinced about something, she sticks by that thing until there’s a superior data. The best test of this was the Monica Lewinsky saga, conventional wisdom in America during this trying time was for Hilary to take her only daughter and go further from Bill Clinton than a court can grant a restraining order. But contrary to all expectations, she didn’t excuse his weakness, but she stood by her man. That is a fireproof test of loyalty by all means. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0tm1EvS3XP8
  4. Hilary is a loyal party woman who puts the interests of both her country and her party above all pecuniary considerations. I have proof. Remember 2008, Hilary was a frontrunner of the Democratic Party before allegiances switched to Obama. Most women would have cried blue murder and used their sex appeal to divide the party and the nation, not Hilary; she shelved her ambition and rallied behind her party’s favoured candidate. http://www.nbcnews.com/id/24993082/ns/politics-decision_08/t/clinton-ends-historic-bid-endorses-obama/#.U2JjyPldWao