Are We Over Dependent on Technology

So, it took the world’s most advanced nations over a week to conclude that Flight MH 370 crashed into the ocean. At a time when science boasts that it has conquered the world, that’s a shame. Or is it? What were they hiding? Pardon me for asking, but there are satellites in space looking at everything we do, apparently from how we take the shower to who we call and what we discussed. But a plane with 239 people on board vanished and the most essential satellites in space were caught napping.

Technology is our new God. Do you notice how lost you feel with your GPS acting up? Are we over reliant on technology? Would the next generation be able to cope, if all the satellites fail, the Internet somehow grounds and our tech-world comes crashing? That is the question.

Was it that we are so incapacitated because we were caught napping? Or are the big powers hiding the full potentials of their spying satellites to prevent a new arms race in the wake of spying revelations that frosted relations between the US and Germany?

To those who have watched science fiction turn into absurd reality, there are more questions than answers. It was so obvious that something sinister happened to that plane since it couldn’t have landed on Mars. But most of us nearly developed cold sores switching channels. Even with the sad news of the crash and the demise of its passenger and crew, we are nowhere near solving the riddle.

Our over-reliance on technology is affecting us in more ways than one. Kids can’t do simple sums without a calculator. Most of us can’t tell the time on an analogue clock. Except someone comes up with an app that reads cursive, Grandpa’s diary and will may amount to nothing to the Microsoft Word generation.

Technology helps and harms with equanimity. While we can now diagnose, treat, cure or manage hitherto unknown diseases, we have lost out in so many ways.

Our immunity has gone down. If you think am lying, try living wild for a week and see what crops up at your next hospital appointment. Science has helped us farm all year round, brought us genetically modified crops but increased our chances of dying early or living miserable lives from ingesting contaminated food that destroys vital organs. Obesity is now a health concern even in parts of the world where famine is rife.

The crashed jumbo jet was equipped with several gadgets that should report any abnormality; yet it plunged to the sea without doing so. Unable to solve the riddle, we are left with conjectures. We have no clue where it crashed or when it crashed. If we solve those riddles, we would still be left with the most difficult one – why did all the gadgets pack up at the same time leaving no clue? Maybe we need to integrate the old manuals with the apps, just in case.



Pix: from, courtesy Google


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