Using Social Media Beyond School

From the tool of social interaction that it was originally set out to be, social media has transformed into the oxygen of our daily lives. We encounter it everywhere we go and cannot deny its influence either on politics, economy or commerce. Most businesses worthy of their calling today have a website and a rash of social media buttons asking its customers and clients to ‘like’ or ‘follow’ their strides.

Interactive Multimedia Developers who are the midwives of modern communication are doomed if they do not seize and lead the trend. Our clients make a demand of us that can largely be met only via social media feeds. They want to reach that avalanche of social media users with their products and services. We must not just agree with them, we must point them to it.

As an IMD graduate, social media is a veritable tool for professional and self-advancement. Platforms like LinkedIn advertise a professional’s potential linking them with those who might need their services. Facebook helps keep friends and colleagues closer, while Twitter invites our thoughts to embrace concision.

YouTube, Vimeo are channels for us to advertise motion graphic expertise. Soundcloud helps us display our proficiency in sounds or sell audio products. Writing a regular blog requires dedication, consistency and a sense of responsibility to our readers. They all help us to reach our publics far and near.

Whether for branding, advertising or keeping tab with changing trends, social media is the open key to currency and relevance. It is here to help us and we should be there to exploit its potentials to the fullest.Image


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