Inspiration? Check Your Workspace


Have you ever imagined what kind of workspace inspires the irrepressible questions that makes Frank Olize, Larry King and Lyse Doucet thick? What about the things that make Dan Agbese’s biting humour delightful? How many grammar books has Farooq Kperogi devoured for his grammar columns?

I have only met a few of the people mentioned above, their works advertise them. Olize was that enterprising Nigerian Television Authority, NTA newscaster who popularized Newsline. Mr. King was virtually baptized Larry King Live. He interviewed everyone and everything including animals on set. Liz is a master of her at either on BBC television or radio.

How much does their workspace inspire them? I can only imagine. From my recollections of our days at Oregun near Lagos, Mr. Agbese read one book at a time but he had one of the cleanest desk in the news directorate. He was always first to buy the latest communication gadget and to master its use.

The restlessFarooq, always loved research – so little wonder he’s wound up in the academia. I can’t imagine his desk cluttered with all the awards he’s won in the course of his work. He’s too dainty for that stuff. Most media people don’t have time to take shots of their desks or workspaces.

Oh me? Sorry, since I can’t afford a desk or office space, I sometimes work on the bus, in the washroom or in front of the tv. My tools are my phone; before I got an iPad present from my lovely wife. Now I can choose among two computers, an android phone that lets me take notes or an iPad. And there you have it.


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