The Biggest Room In The World!


Whoever created the quote “the biggest room in the world is the room for improvement” aptly captured my mind. Experience has taught me that in whatever you do, there is always room for improvement.

As a public commentator, I get letters saying what an awesome piece I’d written. Really guys? The last time I tried to tell people to write clearer, my English teacher found four grammatical errors in the Facebook post! So, take it easy on the commendations guys, I need a permanent accommodation in the room for improvement. I need it every day and virtually always.

Thanks to the guys at Microsoft for making it possible, for me to spellcheck an underlined word and sometimes find acronyms, synonyms or even the old Thesaurus at the click of a button.

What about usage? You don’t want to end up like that man who showed up at the Fire Station shouting – a great conflagration is consuming my domicile! Of course, he got curious stares from the firemen and by the time he condensed his grammar, only ashes remained of his investment.

I would love to say it right -always. But so often, I miss the mark. Thanks to those who thought of Apps. With, I get one new word each day; I can find out how it evolved and how to use it in proper context. This app nestles on my phone and other gadgets – for free. It works both on and offline. Plus, I don’t have to carry a dictionary.

Now, that looks like I’ve finally found space in that room for improvement.



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